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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spousal support? Are you kidding me?

Dave had to take another day off work to attend a conference hearing to modify the child support order and address spousal support. Back to the heart of the city! Dave's wife immediately went after money as soon as Dave was released on bond. So the Family Court that must be dealt with is in the county I lived in when he came to stay with me in December. A different county than the one we live in now or the one his children live in. More unnecessary complications...

I always found it interesting that she went after spousal support. Based on what justification? Even from the very beginning when the only child in the home was hers from a prior relationship she had always been the wage earner while Dave stayed home with the kid(s)& did the cooking & cleaning. This was by far the best scenario since she had zero maternal instincts, couldn't cook and didn't clean. Dave was 17 & she was 21 when they met. She moved him into her apartment. How convenient to have a live-in babysitter & housekeeper!

Requesting spousal support was even more ridiculous in light of the fact she had steadfastly refused to allow Dave to have either of their two vehicles. So he was expected get a job with no employment history & no education, without a vehicle & pay her to sit at home alone? The children were in school all day.

I accompanied Dave to the city primarily because I'm much more familiar with the city & where things are located than he is. We both knew I wouldn't be permitted to be with him at the hearing. When we went to the previous hearing in the same building in February I wasn't allowed to even be on the same floor! So I dropped him off in front of the building and went a few blocks away to park & wait.

He called me to let me know he was done. I pulled up in front of the building where he was already waiting. As he started to approach the vehicle a strange man stepped in front of him. Dave tried to step around him and this man again blocked his path. My son finally got to my vehicle with the man still stalking him and I could hear some of what he was saying to Dave "The wrath of God will rain upon you!" or something along that line. I asked Dave "what was that about?" He said "I don't know. Another nut job on a city street, I guess. What was weird is he was standing right beside me while I was waiting for you but never said a word until I started towards you".

As we headed away from the downtown area we talked about the incident some more. It finally dawned on Dave what had happened. This strange man was the wife's new boyfriend! Apparently, he had to work up the nerve to say something to Dave and when he saw Dave about to leave he was pushed into action. Wow! What a never ending series of craziness.

We did some detective work on the Internet & pulled up her acknowledgment of their relationship & a picture of him. Yep, same guy. Looking at him it was quite obvious why Dave's initial impression was just another nut job on a city street...

Next up - results of the hearing

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